Vis and Komiža

Allow us to convey through a brief history of our jewel - the island of Vis.

The island of Vis is situated in the heart of the Adriatic Sea, 30nautical miles from the first major city, Split. At only 100 km2, tumultuous history (frequent battles at sea and ashore, and strategic location have led to the tourism forbiddance until 1989.) It's characterized by incredible untouched nature and many still undiscovered secrets.

Its isolated location is a real oasis of civilization and the modern world. It fosters a warm and mild climate makes it attractive at any time of year.

The waters surrounding Island Vis boasts several offshore islets and rocks, such as Budikovac, Ravnik, St. Andrija and Palagruža. The most significant is the Island of Biševo with its natural phenomen, Blue Cave, the Bear Cave, which was named after its loyal citizens - the Mediterranean monk seal.

Two of the patrons of the island of Vis, Vis and Komiža and villages and hamlets which are valued tradition of rural households: Podšpilje, Podhumlje, Marine zemlje, Plisko polje, Žena glava, etc.

City of Komiža is situated at the foot of the island's highest peak, Mount Hum, on the southwest coast of the island in a bay. It is typical Dalmatian town with narrow streets, cramped houses around the harbor and many beaches.

The first mention of Komiža is preserved in a document from the second half of the 12th century.

Komiža has been allways proud of its fishing history and for the evidence, even today, there is a Fishing Museum, unique in Croatia, situated in the old Venetian tower on the waterfront. It presents a traditional fishing tools, and a replica stern "Falkuša" - native Croatian ship protected by the UNESCO World Heritage program.

In the Komiža on the 6th of December each year, on St.. Nicholas day, the patron of travelers, sailors and fishermen in front of the parish church of St. Nicholas, citizens of Komiža are sacrificing the vessel ih his honor.

Island Vis is also known for its seafood specialties and original wines.

However, still will not reveal all. Visit our jewel, and experience the magic of our piece of paradise on Earth.